I thoroughly recommend these BEAUTIFUL VENUES that I have had the pleasure of working in:

Antique Mechanical Music Museum
Botanical gardens
Chinese Garden, Darling Harbour
Historic Houses Trust
NSW Writers Centre
Royal Automobile Club Australia
Sydney College of the Arts, Callan Park
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sydney Heritage Fleet
Sydney Opera House
Sydney University, quadrangle

These FABULOUS MUSICIANS & ENTERTAINERS are just some of the extraordinary people I have worked with and who I thoroughly recommend:

Belly dancer: Rachel Bond
DJ – fifties style: Limpin’ Jimmy and the Swingin kitten
Fifties style: Jive Bombers
Flamenco: Spanish dancers
Forties style: The Belles Trio
Greek band: Out of the Blue
Medieval Music: Ricarda Reeck and Nick Potts from Wayward
Jazz Standards: Edwina Blush
Jazz Standards: Janet Seidel
Lebenese music: George Maroun trio 0424 597 212
Spanish Guitar: Jose
Scottish Band: Scottish Bagpipers
Scottish fiddle music: Chris Duncan and Catherine Strutt
Gaelic singers, Southerly Gaels
Scottish Ceilidhs (Scots on the Rocks)

Hundreds of suppliers are found at:
There are many suppliers to choose from the following services I can recommend through direct experience:

Tents and infrastructure
Bedouin tents
Posh events


Themes and styling
scottish accessories shoppe

Children and family entertainment
Mobile play centre